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Spring in the Perennial Vegetable Garden 2015

I’ve been adding to my collection of perennial vegetables as I learn about more of them. There are photos below of some of the ones that haven’t been covered in my previous photo roundups. (Photos here from 2013/4 and 2014/5). Some of the plants shown below are still too immature to harvest so I haven’t […]

Time for Hablitzia tamnoides

I’ve asked Stew to cook us a Caucasian spinach omelette tonight. Hablitzia tamnoides Caucasian spinach is a common name for Hablitzia tamnoides, an extremely useful, shade-tolerant, climbing, edible plant that has been brought to the notice of the unusual-edible-eating public by Stephen Barstow, author of “Around the World in 80 Plants“. (I’ve been feasting on […]