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Wild Cabbage Update 3

Wild cabbage plant

Just a quick update on the wild cabbage story. (You can take a look at the previous posts here.) After the last of my first lot of wild cabbages died (after only just making it as perennial plants) I grew some more from seed. Most of the resulting plants were sold, but this one (photographed […]

Pink Purslane Pancakes

Claytonia sibirica

These were pancakes from pink purslane not pink pancakes! Pink purslane is Claytonia sibirica, also known as Siberian purslane, Siberian spring beauty, Siberian miner’s lettuce or candy flower. It flowers later in the spring (from about April) but the leaves are out now as Claytonia sibirica is an evergreen perennial. Here it is growing around the […]

The Guild of Oca Breeders seeks new members!

Oca Flowers

Towards the end of 2014 I received an email from Rhizowen inviting me to be part of an oca breeding club. I know Rhizowen from ‘gardening Twitter’ as the source of knowledge on all things botanical, plus sender – to my delight – of rare edible plants. In fact his tweets have probably influenced my […]

Winter Harvest

Winter harvest of perennial vegetables

Harvested from the allotment today! In the box:   (Top row from left) Patience dock Three-cornered leek Daubenton kale Sea beet (Middle row from left) Wild cabbage Garden sorrel Variegated wintercress Chicory Perennial leeks (Bottom row from left) Watercress (In the pot) Jerusalem artichokes (In the pot) Caucasian spinach shoots Salad burnet Alexanders Portuguese kale […]

Evergreen Christmas Salad

Kale, hazelnut and apple salad

Here’s an easy salad using perennial Daubenton kale….. ….plus a little vinaigrette, some chopped sorrel leaves, a handful of toasted hazelnuts and a couple of chopped sweet apples. I made it by the scrunching method where chopped kale is sprinkled with a little sea salt and then squeezed and massaged with the hands for a couple […]

Fermenting Perennial Vegetables

This is very much an experiment as I’m new to fermenting vegetables. I can make sauerkraut now and feel confident that it will turn out to be very palatable. And I’ve tried Jerusalem artichokes with ginger and garlic which worked fairly well too. I left the artichokes in quite large chunks and, although I liked […]

Many Ways to Feed the Garden

Perennial vegetables don’t necessarily need a lot of feeding. They are often less hungry than annual vegetables because their deeper, more extensive root systems can mine more soil for food. And because they are less likely to have been bred to grow as much as possible in a short time. But a bit of deliberate […]

Potentially Perennial Tubers

Mashua and oca tubers

To my mind, ‘replant perennials’, such as the potato, where the perennating tubers are generally replanted in spring because they might not survive the cold of a British winter, don’t quite cut it as perennial vegetables. They almost do, as planting tubers in spring is still a lot easier than sowing seeds and nurturing far more vulnerable […]

Skirret Update 3

It’s my fifth year growing skirret and my second year trying to improve the stock by sowing seeds from the best plants. Skirret I don’t have any stunning results to report this year but I did harvest plants with fairly fat roots grown from the seed collected last year. One-year-old skirret plant The roots were […]

Autumn Harvest

Harvested from the allotment today! Autumn harvest of perennial vegetables   In the basket:   (Top row from left) Portuguese kale Scorzonera roots Chicory greens Wild cabbage (Middle row from left) Ewiger kohl Daubenton kale Variegated wintercress Jerusalem artichokes – Dwarf Sunray Buck’s horn plantain (Bottom row from left) Sea beet Pink Jerusalem artichokes Variegated […]