The Backyard Larder

A place to explore and buy perennial vegetables and other food plants.

I sell perennial vegetable plants grown in my backyard or on my allotment. They are grown in organic, peat-free compost.

Post and packing costs (for UK)
1 to 2 plants £3.85,    3 to 6 plants £7,    7 to 10 plants £10,    11 to 30 plants £17,    31 to 50 plants £25,   50+ plants Free postage

If you live in mainland Europe please contact me to discuss post and packaging costs.

If you are looking for other perennial vegetables not in the list below, you can contact me and I may be able to help!

Plants are sent carefully packaged in recycled shoe boxes using as near to 100% recycled or fully biodegradable materials as possible.