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Welcome to The Backyard Larder

Summer Harvest of Perennial VegetablesAlison Tindale

Welcome. I created The Backyard Larder to share my discoveries about how to grow perennial vegetables and how to cook them too.

What are perennial vegetables?

Perennial vegetables are vegetables that don’t need replanting every year. Perfect edible plants for a busy lifestyle! They are so much less work than traditional annual vegetables giving you delicious food, often even in winter, in return for a bit of weeding and mulching. Take a look at the plants I have for sale.

Which vegetables are perennial?

As well as globe artichokes and asparagus you can grow tree onions, perennial kales such as the variety “Daubenton”, sorrel, Good King Henry, sea beet and many, many more. See here for a list of perennial vegetables.

Where do I grow them?

Perennial vegetables can be grown in traditional vegetable beds but will also grow happily anywhere in a flower bed, alongside herbs and fruit bushes and in raised beds and planters, providing “living store-cupboard” ingredients on hand when you need them. Also many of these plants are shade lovers or shade tolerant and will grow in a forest garden.

About me

I am Alison Tindale. I’ve been gardening since childhood and I love growing my own food. Ten years ago I became particularly interested in perennial vegetables. Now I have an allotment devoted to these easy vegetables and I also write a blog where I share my discoveries about how to grow them and how to cook them too!

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