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Summer in the Perennial Vegetable Garden 2013

This is how the perennial vegetables on my plots are looking now. (The musk mallow, ostrich fern, hosta and artichokes weren’t in the spring photos as they had not yet emerged in April.) Spring photos, and autumn and winter updates. Second set of photos here. Sea kale Caucasian spinach Daubenton kale Good King Henry Sorrel […]

Pop some Daylily Buds into your Stir-fry Today!

In this lovely sunny weather the daylilies growing on my allotment are flowering happily: Daylilies are lilies belonging to the Hemerocallis genus and are popular and easy to grow ornamental plants. Pretty as they are, I planted them on the allotment because daylilies are also perennial vegetables. I should qualify that and say that some […]