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Making a Meal of It.

I’ve been on an allotment forage today. I tried to find ingredients for as complete a meal from the perennial veggies as I can manage. Here’s my bounty: I gathered scorzonera, skirret and Jerusalem artichoke roots, Babington leeks, Portuguese kale, rosemary, sage, along with garden sorrel, salad burnet, bladder campion  and scorzonera greens. The plan […]

Risotto with Bladder Campion – or Bubbolini!

Bladder campion (Silene vulgaris) – another useful perennial vegetable. Bladder Campion (Michael H. Lemmer  CC BY-SA 2.5)  Evergreen throughout this last winter and leafing up quickly now that spring approaches. State of growth in February 2016 The leaves are mild and slightly pea-like in flavour. I could detect no bitterness. Best harvested before flowering. Harvested sprigs […]