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How to eat Warty Cabbage!

Turkish Rocket

If you don’t mind a mustardy kick to your greens, Warty Cabbage, better known as Turkish Rocket (Bunias orientalis), is a great perennial vegetable. Turkish Rocket Once installed, it is a wonderfully self-sufficient plant, seemingly unbothered by pests or drought, but you might want to remove the flowering stems before the seeds form as in […]

Spring Harvest

Harvested from the allotment today! Spring harvest of perennial vegetables In the trug: Good King Henry (left hand corner with reddish flowers) (moving right) Lovage Chives Babington leek Globe artichoke Variegated Daubenton kale Patience dock (large shiny leaves) Daubenton kale (in front of dock) Welsh onion Scorzonera greens (behind Welsh onion) Ewiger kohl (everlasting kale) […]