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Wild Cabbage Update 3

Wild cabbage plant

Just a quick update on the wild cabbage story. (You can take a look at the previous posts here.) After the last of my first lot of wild cabbages died (after only just making it as perennial plants) I grew some more from seed. Most of the resulting plants were sold, but this one (photographed […]

Pink Purslane Pancakes

Claytonia sibirica

These were pancakes from pink purslane not pink pancakes! Pink purslane is Claytonia sibirica, also known as Siberian purslane, Siberian spring beauty, Siberian miner’s lettuce or candy flower. It¬†flowers later in the spring (from about April) but the leaves are out now as Claytonia sibirica is an evergreen perennial. Here it is growing around the […]