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Preserving globe artichokes in oil

Globe artichoke

I’ve learnt that in southern Italy globe artichokes are often preserved in olive oil. The idea appealed to me (imagine adding them to pizzas and stews or eating them puréed on toast in the middle of winter). I picked some young artichokes to try. This is just a very quick post to say, “hey, you can […]

Buck’s Horn Plantain

Buck's horn plantain

Yesterday I made a salad with buck’s horn plantain (Plantago coronopus, also know in Italy as ‘minutina’ or ‘erba stella’ (the latter seems to translate as star herb or star grass, and I’ve also seen it named ‘star-of-the-earth’). It has sweetish, nutty flavour and is quite mild. I mixed it here with spicy wild rocket leaves, […]