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Babington Leek Bulbils (10)


Babington leeks are perennial leeks with a garlic/leek flavour. You can harvest them by cutting them above their underground bulb when they have grown to about 30cm after emerging in late winter or spring. The bulb left in the ground will resprout and in late summer the plant produces bulbils atop a flower stalk which can be picked and cooked whilst green. The bulbils can also be left to ripen and used to multiply your stock (and the leeks divide naturally at the base to do this too). The stalk eventually dies back and the underground bulb lies dormant until the following winter/spring.

Plant bulbils about 20cm apart and about 10cm deep in autumn.

Price is for ten tiny bulbils. Plants grown from these bulbils are best harvested from their second year of growth and will probably take two or three years to produce a flowering stem themselves.

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