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Yacon propagules


Yacon is a root vegetable from South America that has large, very juicy sweet roots that can be eaten raw (nice with your muesli or fruit salad!) or cooked in sweet and savoury dishes. They keep very well in storage over the winter. The roots need to be left for a week or two after harvest to develop sweetness.

Yacon is a replant perennial in the UK – you need to keep the crown of propagation rhizomes, that grow at the base of the stem, in a cool frost-free place over winter, plant them up in pots in the spring and then plant outside when the risk of frost has passed. Potting up can also be done in autumn/winter.

This price is for a small clump of propagation tubers for you to pot up. For a large crop, plant in late spring in a sunny spot, in rich soil, and water well in dry weather. It will grow large, 4-5ft or more in height and 3ft in width.

Rooted plants will be available next spring for £8.00


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