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Evergreen Christmas Salad

Here’s an easy salad using perennial Daubenton kale…..

Kale, hazelnut and apple salad

….plus a little vinaigrette, some chopped sorrel leaves, a handful of toasted hazelnuts and a couple of chopped sweet apples.

I made it by the scrunching method where chopped kale is sprinkled with a little sea salt and then squeezed and massaged with the hands for a couple of minutes. It makes the kale softer and sweeter.

Scrunched kale in a bowl

Scrunched kale

Candle on Christmas tree

Have a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year!


2 comments on “Evergreen Christmas Salad”

    Hi , The scrunched kale with sea salt this then eaten raw ? I,m a newbie to your blog … looks good .


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