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Wild Cabbage Update 3

Just a quick update on the wild cabbage story. (You can take a look at the previous posts here.) After the last of my first lot of wild cabbages died (after only just making it as perennial plants) I grew some more from seed. Most of the resulting plants were sold, but this one (photographed today) went into the perennial brassica patch last year.

Wild cabbage plant

Wild cabbage plant

It seems to be a vigorous one – I’ve been harvesting it hard but it seems to replenish its leaves faster than any other brassica I’m growing at the moment.

I’ll see how it does this year. I expect it will flower later this spring.

I tried to prevent my first batch of wild cabbages from going to seed (and then possibly dying) by constantly removing their flowers. But my theory at the moment is that this only exhausted the plants (and me!) and perhaps made it less likely that they would green up again after flowering.

So I plan to let this one flower its heart out and see if it has the will to live on after that. I’ll take a few cuttings first though!

Oneday, when I have both seed and space I’d like to plant out a large batch of wild cabbages (perhaps amongst a host of native herbaceous perennial wildflowers). And then pretty much leave them to it for several years – selection pressure for the toughest and most perennial I hope!

(Wild cabbage update 4 here).

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