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Hop Shoots for Lunch

Hop plant

When did that happen! – the hop shoots have been racing up the wall of our backyard. I decided to sample some before they got tougher and hop shoots for lunch escaped me for another year.

Hop plant

There seem to be shoots of all different lengths.

Hop shoots

The shoots tips are tender – I cut mine about 10-15cm long.

Gathered hop shoots

Having read that a hop will resprout readily, I cut all the ones I could find.

Cooking hop shoots

And cooked them for about four minutes in olive oil with some grated garlic. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

Hop shoots on toast

Not quite the wow experience of the hop flower bruschetta I cooked last September. The hop shoots were a nice texture and overall it was a tasty lunch but I found it hard to get a clear idea of the flavour of the shoots themselves – I think I used a bit too much garlic really! (For some reason what came to mind was the sprats on toast my mother cooked occasionally when we were young – not that I’m saying they tasted fishy.)

Cut hop shoots

Reviewing the havoc I’d wreaked on the plant I decided to cut these chopped shoots right back (having realised now that of course I could taste a few again when they resprout and won’t have to wait until next year after all!)

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