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Preserving globe artichokes in oil

I’ve learnt that in southern Italy globe artichokes are often preserved in olive oil. The idea appealed to me (imagine adding them to pizzas and stews or eating them puréed on toast in the middle of winter). I picked some young artichokes to try.

Globe artichoke

This is just a very quick post to say, “hey, you can do this!”, rather than a how-to. I’m definitely still a learner with this one. The globe artichoke is quite outside the cooking traditions I was brought up with, more so even than skirret which is at least like a carrot or potato to cook.

So in this case, I just tried the first recipe I came across. It involved poaching the young heads whole, with chopped herbs and garlic, in olive oil for about thirty minutes.

Poaching globe artichokes in olive oil

And then packing them into a jar.

There are lots of recipes online with quite varied instructions on how much to trim the heads, what to cook them in (often an olive oil and vinegar mix), which herbs and spices to add, and where and for how long to store them afterwards. (Also see Wendy’s comment below on why finding a trustworthy recipe is quite important in this case.)

Globe artichokes preserved in oil

This may not have been the perfect method – but, when I was packing them into the jar, the cooked artichokes did smell divine!

2 comments on “Preserving globe artichokes in oil”

    Delicious! There is a detailed ‘how to’ in Alys Fowler’s book Abundance. It’s important to follow a good recipe because of the slight risk of Botulism when preserving under oil. I tend to prepare them like this and then freeze, which avoids the issue – one of my very favourite things to discover lurking in the freezer in late winter.


    Thanks Wendy, useful to know about that risk, however slight. I’ll put a ‘see below’ note in the post. I’ll look out for the recipe. Do you do much trimming of the small heads before cooking?


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