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Sorrel and Raisin Pie

About once a year I go off my savoury vegetable tracks and blog about other uses for the plants I’m growing.

Garden sorrel

Garden sorrel

I’ve often wondered how a sorrel meringue pie would turn out. But Stew is trying a vegan diet at present and I didn’t want to mess about today with the vegan meringue substitute for eggs (chick pea water!) I may try it one day. There are other sweet sorrel dishes to find:¬†Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s sweet sorrel tart, the sourgrass tart that settlers in the American West reputedly made as a substitute for lemon pie, and lots of recipes for sorrel sorbets and ice-cream. But they almost all ask for eggs.

Then I found Sorrel and Raisin Pie, a Jewish dish from Poland (where I think some of my own Jewish ancestors came from). The eggs in the list of ingredients are only used as a glaze and can be replaced with soya milk. Strangely I can’t find other references to it, which I’m curious about as the website says the dish “is now considered part of the repertoire of any good Polish cook in Israel as well as in Poland.” If anyone else knows the recipe, I’d love to learn more about it.

I made the pie – very easy. It is a simple mixture of raisins, sultanas, brown sugar, spices and sorrel baked in a pastry crust….

Sorrel and raisin pie preparation

And very delicious…..

Sorrel and raisin pie

Sweet and tangy…..

Sorrel and raisin pie

It would definitely be worth a visit to your sorrel patch if you have one, especially if you would like a variation on mince pies this winter.

Sorrel and raisin pie

Happy Christmas/Yuletide!

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