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August Meals

Here are some of the dishes we’ve had using perennial vegetables in August. (For neatness I’ve presented them day by day for a week – but really we’ve eaten these at various times over the course of the month).

Monday – Purple tree collard, mushroom and sunflower seed roulade

Purple tree collard and mushroom roulade

Tuesday – Roast tomato, corn and Good King Henry pasta sauce

Roast corn, tomato and Good King Henry pasta sauce

Wednesday – Sea beet gratin

Sea beet gratin

Thursday – Welsh onion cakes

Welsh onion cakes

Friday – Vegetable curry with globe artichoke hearts

Vegetable curry with globe artichoke hearts

Saturday – Perennial kale and parsley pesto

Perennial kale and parsley pesto

Sunday –  Sorrel and callaloo soup

Sorrel and callaloo soup

2 comments on “August Meals”

    Love your monthly meal reports ! It’s realy inspring. I’m just wondering what “callaloo” might be, google told me it was a carribean dish in which the leafy green part can differ. Since Belgium has no historical connection with the carribean , I’m clueless 😉


    Hi Cindy, That is lovely to hear. I thought I’d share the ways in which we were using the perennial veg – but they get less response than my other posts so I was beginning to wonder if people were thinking, ‘What awful food they eat!’

    Yes ‘callaloo’ does seem to be usually used for a dish rather than a vegetable doesn’t it? The leaves I used were from the Heritage Seed Library and were labelled as Nigerian Callaloo. It is an aramanth (an annual). I’m not sure which species but reading on this page I think it may be Aramanthus hybridus.


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