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September Meals

Here are some of the dishes we’ve had using perennial vegetables in September. (For neatness I’ve presented them day by day for a week – but really we’ve eaten these at various times over the course of the month).

Monday – Skirret homity pies

Skirret homity pies

Tuesday – Oyster leaf and sorrel salad

Oyster leaf and sorrel salad

Wednesday – Kale and mushroom slice

Kale and mushroom slice

Thursday – Silverweed and achocha stir-fry

Silverweed and achocha stir-fry

Friday – Kale bubble and squeak

Kale bubble and squeak

Saturday – Hop bruschetta with rosemary and perennial onion focaccia

Hop bruschetta and rosemary and perennial onion focaccia

Sunday –  Chicory and roast walnuts

Chicory and roast walnuts

2 comments on “September Meals”

    Looks amazing Alison! I’m going to try the hop bruschetta at the weekend, and possibly dry the remaining flowers for tea. How was Thursday’s stir-fry? The only time I tried Silverweed I over-cooked it.


    Hi Nathan,

    Thanks! I love the bruschetta but Stew found the hop flower flavour too strong. I maybe put one flower too many in the mix!

    Yes the fresh silverweed roots don’t actually take much cooking. I almost overcooked mine – I looked up a recipe online for ‘droma dresil’ to remind myself of the cooking time but overlooked the fact that they start with dried tubers which I think take longer to cook. The tubers seem to vary in bitterness, some are nutty and almost sweet, others less so. Probably sweeter in a couple of months. Again I was the only one really tucking in! It is a crop I want to keep experimenting with. Getting seed and new varieties would be good of course, but I’m also just curious about the growing conditions that encourage big roots.


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